A new dawn, a new song-writer forum!

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A new dawn, a new song-writer forum!

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:27 pm

Hi there! This board was launched in December 2015, with the single objective of bringing song-writers, composers, lyricists and vocalists together, with a view to collaborating on music projects. We know there are a number of similar forums out there, and we also know, that many of them are dead/dormant. Quite why that should be the case, we're not entirely sure, there are certainly plenty of song-writers out there looking for people to collaborate with. But just today alone (the day we decided to launch this forum), we visited no less than 10 similar platforms, only to find that the last post submitted was several years ago - some as far back as 2009.

You might have had similar experiences. Perhaps that is why you are here now.

As we write this, it occurs to us that, since we are just a few hours old (literally), the first few visitors might take a look and decide to leave - since the place is currently empty. That is certainly true, but every forum has to start somewhere, and, if you give us a chance, your presence might just be the catalyst that makes the visitors who come after you - decide to stay. That is what we're hoping for, the snowball effect, that will ultimately turn this place into a thriving, healthy, vibrant community for song-writers looking to collaborate.

As with all forums, regardless of the subject matter, we are dependant on you, and people like you, to give this community some value. Perhaps you might be willing to spread the word among your fellow song-writers? We would be eternally grateful if you did.

If you are one of our very first guests, we ask that you take a leap of faith, after all, there really doesn't appear to be much of an alternative out there, Just a sea of dead forums, still caught in the nets of the good ship Google! So what do you have to lose?

Whatever you decide, we are grateful for your visit, and we do sincerely hope to see you again very soon.

Our best wishes to you.

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